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messing about with stuffs

graphics: icons, headers, wallpapers


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Graphics are now posted at dinerfood.
100x100, 80's music, alphonse mucha, angels, art, banners, being silly, blogging, bono, british comedy, brushes, bunnies, christian bale, codes, coding, concerts, converse, corsets, csi, css, css overrides, cute things, david bowie, depeche mode, design, discworld, doctor who, eddie izzard, editors, egyptology, elves, england, facebook, faeries, fairies, fandom, fanfiction, filthy humour, firefly, flexible squares, flight of the conchords, franz ferdinand, friends, friends only signs, geeks, ghost stories, ghosts, gmail, google, gothic art, graham norton, graphics, greek mythology, harry potter, headers, high spirits, his dark materials, history, hot chocolate, html, ian curtis, icons, indiana jones, interpol, ireland, jack the ripper, jane austen, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, john cusack, johnny cash, johnny depp, joy division, jsquared, kitties, knights templar, labyrinth, layouts, livejournal, livejournal layouts, lj, lj layouts, lord of the rings, lotr, matt bellamy, messing about, metallicar, mika, moonlight, morissey, movies, muse, music, myspace, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, netflix, new wave, nonsensical gibberish, office space, ooh shiny, orlando bloom, photography, photoshop, pie, pj harvey, poetry, polka dots, pride and prejudice, princess bride, psych tv, psychology, pushing daisies, radiohead, rain, reading, resources, rocky horror picture show, s2, sandman, science fiction, shakespeare, sigur ros, simplicity, singing, sons and daughters, sparkly eyeshadow, stars, stuff, supernatural, tattoos, the 10th kingdom, the fratellis, the last unicorn, the smiths, things that go boom, tim curry, torchwood, twatlight, u2, vampire stories, vampires, vintage stores, w.b. yeats, wallpaper, we are scientists, weird al yankovic, willow, wine